Friday, June 4, 2010

New hauls, photos yet to come......

I have some pics to show, for the new MUFE Aqua Creams and some of my favorite brushes....but alas Google is experiencing issues with photo we'll just have to wait.

On the haul front, I finally have my MAC To the Beach collection (can I just say WOW) and am enjoying it a lot! I might even post an FOTD if I'm feeling particularly bold :).

I also recently came across some Chanel glossimers that (gasp) had been hiding from me in the black hole of my closet - I was astonished to discover some oldies but goodies, all new and pristine. It was like finding a treasure given my renewed Chanel obsession. I also recently received my Chanel Dreams quad, which I am anxious to try today - very pretty colors, and my first 'non-US' version of a Chanel quad!

In other news, I'm really liking the sample of Chanel Hydramax+Active Nutritive moisturizer. Maybe this will be part of a permanent skin care regime.....I also picked up the Ultra Correction Lift lip contour cream, and I'm really liking it. Hopefully I'll see some long-term benefit!

Yet to try:
Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base - I had heard that this is a really interesting product, and since I'm not the biggest fan of bronzers, I thought I might have better luck using something that was more of a base to my makeup, rather than applied as an almost-last step.
Shu Uemura Pink Gloss collection in #333 - I saw these on Nordstrom's website and thought I would give one a try - the color is beautiful in the tube - very fine particles of shimmer in a perfect pink base - Shu's glosses generally have an almost weightless feel to them - I have a few others that I use from time to time (I'm on a Chanel glossimer kick at the moment, fickle me ;) ), so we'll see how this one does. I think it will be a great addition to my summer lip collection.
Nars Albatross highlighter - again, given the rave reviews, I have to see if it lives up to the considerable hype. This weekend will be a good time for me to try some of these new goodies!
Chanel Nude lip pencil - this was a must-have for me, given the various very positive reviews I've seen around the net. I'll be using it today to see what all the fuss is about! Hmmm.....maybe with the Shu gloss over it?
Smashbox Second Skin Longwear Concealer in Light (Waterproof) - I just received this product from QVC, and am excited to try it out. I'm a huge fan of MUFE's Lift Concealer, so that will be a tough act to follow, but I'll give Smashbox a whirl!

New additions to my collection, tried, using and loving:
Chanel Inimitable mascara - this is a favorite among some of my Spektra sisters so I had to give it a try - I liked it so much I bought it during the 'buy 2 get one 1' mascara offer at Nordstrom this past Saturday. Very black, not clumpy, it elongates my lashes nicely. A keeper!
Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing powder in Antigua and Maui - these came highly recommended by a dear friend from These are beautiful powders! I love the colors especially - Antigua is a pinky-nude color and Maui is a golden rose. Both have subtle shimmer, and I love using them on my cheekbones and lightly at my temples....haven't quite gone the true 'bronzer' route with the application yet, but I'm very happy with my application results!

That's it for this post - I'll patiently (?) wait for Google to fix their photo upload issues, and hopefully give you something to look at soon!!

Make it a great day! I'm too blessed to be stressed!


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