Saturday, May 22, 2010

Now let's talk foundation.......

Now this is a complicated topic for me, because I'm not really a brand loyalist, but am always on the hunt for a good foundation. I use different foundations in different climates, and usually prefer the 'dewy' look I get from a liquid or cream foundation. But then again, I like the 'smooth' look I get from a powder foundation. I'm really all over the map, as they say. Since spring is here, I'll start there - this is the season that I use both types of foundation, depending on my mood. None is a miracle worker (are there really silver bullets in the beauty world?) but these do the job better than most.

So what is important to me in a foundation?
  • I have combination skin this time of year, so I want something that handles that aspect.
  • I am of Irish and Scottish descent, so I have freckles. I also have an age spot. I'm not opposed to my freckles showing through, but I do like some coverage that evens things out without looking like I spackled it on with a trowel.
  • I want my skin to feel hydrated - I don't want my foundation to undermine my moisturizer. If it contributes, great, but I also don't want to look like an oil slick.
MAC Studio Sculpt (NW20 and NW25): I like this foundation for its texture and coverage, and the fact that you don't have to use gobs of it for it to do its job. I usually use the darker tone on the outer portion of my face, and the lighter one on the inner 'inverted triangle' (the area of my forehead, down my nose and inner cheek area, down to my chin) to bring light to that portion of my face. I use a brush to apply (I'll have a post on my favorite brushes - one or two of which may surprise some people).

Laura Geller Balance & Brighten: I LOVE this foundation product! I first discovered it a few years ago, and end up going back to it over and over again. Its combination of colors really evens out my skin tone, and the fact that it isn't a powder per se, it never looks cakey. It lasts a really long time (I'm still not through my first one, though I do not use it every day).

Revlon Colorstay Normal/Dry in #250 Fresh Beige: This foundation has something of a cult following, and I'm definitely on the bandwagon. I use this foundation quite often, but truthfully moreso in winter. I just love the finish it gives my skin, and it really does last all day long (with or without primer). I'm just hoping they don't change the formula or discontinue the color (don't you just HATE it when cosmetic companies do that??).

Makeup Forever High Definition Foundation in #120: This is another favorite - it's like wearing no makeup (which is the point of HD) but it gives my skin a subtle luminosity and evens everything out.

(New foundation awaiting trial) Chanel Teint Innocence in #76 Voile - Soft Bisque/Intensity 2.5: I have not yet tried this foundation, but I did purchase it based on the results when the MA tried it on me. I want to use up some of my others before digging into this, but it holds promise ;).

Following are other products I have tried and use from time to time, but are not the ones I usually reach for:
Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder in Light: I like this product, but it doesn't give me the coverage I typically want, but I do use it from time to time when I want just a sheer finish.
Bare Minerals:
I really have wanted to love this foundation, based on all of the great reviews it gets. I don't know. I just don't get the same results others do. I have tried different shades, different application amounts, different brushes, the whole nine yards. I just can't get it to 'work' for me consistently. Do I use it? Yes. Do I use it a lot? No.

That wraps up my foundation opinions. I hope you all have a great weekend and get to enjoy some good spring weather (those of you in the northern hemisphere, anyway! ;) ).


Rachel said...

The Balance & Brighten is Laura Gellar, not Laura Mercier, right? Because if LM has a powder like this I will definitely check it out!

Shypo said...

You are correct!! Thank you for catching that! I will make the correction -

Michelle said...

Love your new layout! I had a question about the Coralista -- is it shimmery?? I've heard great things, but haven't checked it out in person yet :)
Michelle (aka bonitinha)

Shypo said...

Hi Michelle! Thank you!!

Coralista does have what I would consider a more golden shimmer, but not in any way overdone. I really like it a lot - I think mostly because of the texture and pigmentation. A rival to Ripe Peach.....

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